Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Codes

Fault / error code on your Worcester boiler? Enter the code below and find out what the fault means. If you need a fast boiler repair, get in touch with Gas Safe today on 0117 964 0078.

Code Meaning
9ABoiler has been fitted with incorrect Heat Control Module (HTM).
9UFaulty or not properly connected code plug.
B7Control board needs replacing.
C6System is running too fast or slow.
C7Fan is not running or the airflow is blocked.
D1Sensor has become wet, damaged or has disconnected. Boiler will block for 300 seconds.
D1Boiler is overheating.
E2Flow sensor has shorted, become damaged or has disconnected.
E5Primary flow sensor has overheated.
E9Main heat exchanger has overheated.
E9Max temperature sensor has failed or can't be recognised.
EAFlue gas thermostat has overheated.
EABoiler has failed to ignite 4 times. Boiler will wait 30 seconds before another attempt is made.
EAFlame has been extinguished due to moisture in sump, blocked sump or wind in flue.
EAGas valve coil has disconnected.
EAFlame has not extinguished within 4 seconds of ignition.
EAPump is not detecting water.