Chemical Power Flushing Service Bristol & South West

At Gas Safe, we provide a complete professional power flushing service for radiators and central heating systems in domestic, commercial and industrial premises; ensuring they perform at their best and reducing the risk of unexpected breakdown.

As well as improving the overall efficiency of your heating system, chemical power flushing can help reduce energy bills, prevent blockages and reduce the risk of boiler breakdown.

Chemical power flushing is carried out by our Gas Safe registered engineers and we use professional grade power flushing machines to ensure the best results.

If you require more information about chemical power flushing, or want to book your system in with Gas Safe, call, us today on 0117 964 0078 or fill out a callback request form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    What Is Chemical Power Flushing?

    Chemical power flushing is a deep clean of your radiators and central heating system which is designed to get rid of sludge, rust and other debris that may have accumulated in your pipes, radiators, heat exchanger, pumps and boiler over time.

    The process is done using a specialist flushing machine and involves attaching it to your system and pumping cleaning fluid around it. The liquid, whilst high velocity, is low pressure meaning that no damage is caused to the components.

    Signs You Need a Chemical Power Flush

    As well as after a boiler service or repair where chemical power flushing may be recommended, the following are indications that your system needs attention:

    • Unusual noises coming from your boiler.
    • Radiators taking a long time to warm up.
    • Hot water taps fluctuating between hot and cold.
    • Radiators having cold patches.
    • Your boiler needs to be restarted regularly.
    • Pipework vibrating or making banging noises.
    • White cloudy tap water can indicate limescale in your system.
    • Your energy bills have steadily increased without using your system more.
    • Brown or sludgy water is present in your system.
    • Water leakage from boiler (combi).

    In addition to these signs, it is recommended that you have your system chemically power flushed once every 5 years, or when you have a new boiler installed.

    Why Have Your System Power Flushed?

    There are a number of benefits to having your heating system power flushed including:

    • Improve the efficiency of heating system.
    • Reduce energy bills.
    • Prevent blockages in your pipework.
    • Increased radiator convection.
    • Increased hot water temperatures.
    • Reduce the risk of boiler breakdown and increase lifespan.
    • Prevent cold spots on the radiator.
    • You may find that the better flow of water around the pipes reduces pipe and boiler noise.

    How Often Do I Need Powerflushing?

    If you are having an annual service of your boiler as recommended, power flushing should only be required once every 5 years. Additionally, a system flush is required when a new boiler is installed – we include this as standard with all boiler upgrades.

    Fernox Power Flushing Experts

    Another one of the brands we use is Fernox power flushers, a trusted brand for over 50 years with quality and extremely reliable products.

    Kamco Power Flushing Experts

    At Gas Safe, one of the brands we use is Kamco power flushers, a well-known brand in the industry acclaimed for product performance and consistent results.

    Our Power Flushing Process

    1. Contact

    After requesting a callback or contacting us, one of our engineers will talk to you about the problem you are experiencing. If a power flush is required, they will arrange a convenient time to visit your property.

    2. Service

    On the day, one of our accredited engineers will visit your premises and carry out the power flush.

    3. Aftercare

    Following the power flush, our engineer will debrief you and you should notice improvements in your heating system shortly.

    Power Flushing FAQs

    • What Is The Liquid Used?

      The cleaning chemicals pumped around your system contain descaler, corrosion inhibitor and an agent to break down sludge. We purchase this directly from the power flushers manufacturer to ensure it’s compatible with the power flusher.
    • Is Chemical Power Flushing a Disruptive Job?

      Chemical power flushing is a job that can be carried out with minor disruption as it takes just one operative and a power flushing machine to complete a full system.
    • How Much Does Chemical Power Flushing Cost?

      The cost of a chemical power flush also varies based on a number of different factors. At Gas Safe, we provide customers with a full quotation before carrying out any work.
    • Can I Do My Own Chemical Power Flushing?

      Whilst possible, we don’t recommend attempting to do your own boiler flushing without the skills and tools required. As well as the possibility of damaging your system, you will not get good results without investing in a very expensive power flushing kit.

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