Combi Boiler Installation Bristol & South West

Over the past 15 years, we’ve installed 100s of combination “combi” boilers across Bristol and the South West. Combi boilers are the most popular type of boiler in UK households for gas central heating and hot water, with a wide range of benefits including better efficiency.

We provide a full combi boiler service including installation, repair and annual servicing, we are Worcester and Vaillant accredited installers and have a full team of Gas Safe registered engineers.

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    What Is a Combi Boiler?

    A combi boiler (combination boiler) is a compact type of boiler that supplies heating and hot water for your taps from one unit. As opposed to having a separate external water cylinder or tank where water is heated.

    How Does a Combi Boiler Work?

    In the same way as a standard boiler, a combi boiler burns gas and produces heat which is used to warm the water running through the boiler.

    The difference is that a combi boiler has a second heat exchanger that transfers heat when a hot tap is turned on.

    By heating water only as you need it, a combi boiler can provide hot water on demand whilst saving you on your energy bills.

    What Are the Benefits of a Combi Boiler?

    Combi boilers have a number of benefits to homeowners including:

    • Lower energy bills as a result of higher efficiency.
    • Compact size giving you more space for living.
    • Lower carbon footprint.
    • Provides hot water on demand.
    • If you have good mains pressure, you will receive a good level of pressure from your shower.
    • Can be installed anywhere in the home.
    • Cheaper than a conventional boiler and cylinder.

    For more information on combi boilers, their benefits and their limitations read our what is a combi boiler blog.

    Other Types of Gas Boiler

    At Gas Safe, we are experts in all types of gas boiler and can also carry out installations, repair and servicing on the following types of boiler.

    System Boiler

    System boilers produce hot water for your water cylinder and heat your central heating and are good for large homes where there are a number of occupants and a higher demand for hot water.


    • Easy to install
    • Doesn’t need a cold water tank
    • Can use multiple hot taps at once
    • Economical to run

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    Conventional Boiler

    Conventional boilers, sometimes referred to as heat only boilers are ideal in homes where a traditional heating system is already in place. Despite less being installed, they are still very reliable.


    • Can use multiple hot taps at once
    • A good option for low water pressure
    • System boilers are also a good option for older properties as minimal changes to existing pipework are required

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    Combi Boiler FAQS

    • Is a Combi Boiler Suitable For All Properties?

      Combi boilers are well suited to small to medium-sized properties. However, they may not be suitable in larger homes with high hot water demands as flow rate will be limited by incoming mains pressure.
    • Who Is The Best Combi Boiler Manufacturer?

      There are a wide range of boiler manufacturers so it can be overwhelming when browsing for a new boiler. At Gas Safe, we have found Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Vokèra to be particularly reliable, but will always recommend the best boiler for your needs regardless of the brand.
    • How Much Does a Combi Boiler Cost?

      The price of a combi boiler depends on the make and model you select, use our instant boiler quote tool to get an idea of how much a new boiler could cost you.
    • How Often Does a Combi Boiler Need Servicing?

      A combi boiler should be serviced by a professional on an annual basis to ensure everything is working as it should, the boiler is running efficiently and ensure there are no risks of an unexpected breakdown.

    South West Combi Boiler Installers

    If you need a new boiler and want to know more about the benefits of a combi boiler, or are experiencing a fault with your existing unit, we can help.

    Get in touch with one of our team today by calling 0117 964 0078 or fill out a callback request form below and one of our team will get back to you.

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