Tips for Keeping Warm This Winter Without Increasing Energy Bills

As soon as the temperatures start to drop, your first thought might be to turn the central heating on or turn it up a few degrees.

All too often, that precious heat is wasted due to inefficiencies around the home meaning that you’re faced with an eye watering heating bill at the end of month.

To help you this winter, we’ve pulled together our top tips to keep your home warm throughout the chilly season, without increasing your energy bills, ranging from practical tips to home efficiency renovations.

  1. Wrap up Warm

It may seem obvious but digging out your winter jumpers will help keep you warm in the home without having to turn the thermostat on. According to the British Heart Foundation, clothes made from wool, cotton or other fleecy materials will provide the most warmth.

  1. Upgrade Your Windows

How much energy is being lost through your windows? If your home currently has single glazed windows, you would benefit massively from installing double or triple glazing. Not only do they keep your home insulated, but they can also add value to your property, keep it cool in summer and offer supreme security.

But it’s not just windows! You should also be aware of the heat that leaves through your front and back door, a draft excluded is a cost-effective way of preventing heat loss.

  1. Install Programmable Room Thermostats

If your heating is on all the time, you are wasting money! There’s no point in heating an empty home, so make sure that you put your heating on a timer.

Programmable room thermostats have become very popular in households across the UK, offering energy and money savings.

These thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature of the home according to your schedule and the current temperature outside. Read our blog post to find out more about the benefits of programmable thermostats.

  1. Install TRVs

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) are installed on the side of the radiator and allow you to control the temperature in different rooms.

By turning down or switching off the heating in rooms that are not used, you can reduce your overall energy bills. Read our blog post to find out more about thermostatic radiator valves.

  1. Consider Pipe Lagging

Pipe lagging is fitting foam tubes around your hot water pipes, which makes them more efficient and protects them against the cold. You can pick up pipe lagging at most DIY shops at a very low cost and it’s easy to fit. Alternatively, most handymen or plumbing and heating engineers will fit pipe lagging for you.

  1. Get Your Boiler Serviced

Having your boiler serviced annually ensures that it is running as efficiently as possible, it also prevents the risk of an unexpected breakdown at the worst time of year!

Is Your Boiler Efficient Enough?

Don’t let all your efforts be ruined by an inefficient boiler, a new A-rated boiler could save you £100’s each year. If you notice any of the following with your boiler, it’s probably time for a service or upgrade:

  • No hot water or water takes a long time to warm up.
  • No heating or heating takes a while to come on.
  • Energy bills have increased despite no extra use.
  • Unusual noises coming from the boiler.
  • Cold spots on your radiators.
  • Water leaks from the system.

If you’re concerned about the performance of your existing boiler, give us a call today on Bristol: 0117 964 0078 to arrange a boiler service or to find out more about how much a new a-rated boiler could save your home.

Keep Your Home Warm This Winter With Gas Safe

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